paintings gold

päivitetty/updated 05.07.2018

Kulta on joko aito lehtikulta tai kullanvärinen lyöntimetallilehti. Gold is either genuine gold leaf or gold imitation gilded metal leaf.

A Night Of Gold, 50x60cm, 2018 @Galleria Bronda, Helsinki 1400€
Liquid sunshine, 75x130cm, oil on metal gilded canvas, @ateljee, 2800€
Something in the water, 70x150cm, 2018 @ateljee 3100€
There Is A New Sun For Every Day, 130x90cm, 3500€ @ateljee
Merihevosia, 110x115cm, oil on metal gilded canvas, @Auran galleria, Turku, 3500€
Rosebud, 110x115cm, oil on metal gilded canvas, @ateljee 3500€
Vuorikiipeilyä/Hiking, 110x115cm, oil on gilded canvas, private collection
Where the wind takes, 30x40cm, @Galleria Bronda, 850€
Gold Behind Clouds, 30x40cm, oil on canvas, @ateljee, 850€
Blue boat, 30x40cm, private collection
Chiesa del Rosario, 50x60cm, 2018 @ateljee, 1400€
Goldmine, 11ox115cm, 2018, private collection
Give me summer, 50x61cm, 2018 private collection
Bed in Florence, 40x30cm, 2018 @ateljee, 850€
DuurissaJaMollissa, 30x40cm, private collection
Odotus/The Waiting, 70x90cm, private collection
Meditoija/Meditator, 50x30cm, oil and gold leaf. Inspired by a guru. @ateljee  1400€
We could be anything, 110x150cm, private collection. Inspired by Muriel Barbery´s novel The elegance of the hedgehog.
Quiet sky/Hiljainen taivas, 30x40cm, 2018, private collection
Vanha rakkaus/Ancient love, 40x55cm, private collection Inspired by ancient stories.
The small boat/Pieni vene, 50x60cm @ateljee, 1400€
Pieni ranta, 22x27cm, 2018, @ateljee, 650€
Dyyni,/he Dune 180x135cm, private collection. Inspired by Hailuoto dunes.
Golden gate/Kultainen portti, 135x170cm, oil on metal gilded canvas. Inspired by Anuradhapura temple, Sri Lanka  @ateljee 5600€
I want to explore, 110x115cm, private collection
Medina/Kaupunki, 30x60cm  Inspired by Horse and his boy by C.S.Lewis  @atelier 1100€
Pajut/Willows, 25x80cm, private collection, Inspired by Hailuoto shore.
Terra mia, 25x80cm, private collection  Inspired by Pino Daniele.
Frost and gold, 135x110cm, private collection
Luoto/Islet, 240x135cm, private collection. Inspired by Hailuoto.
Kimono, 170x120cm, private collection. Inspired by japanese fabrics.
Hiekkaportaita/Sandsteps, 70x150cm, private collection. Inspired by Hailuoto tidal shore.
Pieni portaikko, 33x41cm, private collection
Ihmisen paras ystävä/Loyal friend, 30x45cm, private collection
Girl on the beach, 45x50cm, 2017, private collection
Yogi, 45x50cm @ateljee, 1000€. Inspired by yoga practice.
Tanssisali/Ballroom, 24x38cm, private collection
The golden square, 60x60cm, private collection (Sweden)
Walking with you, 35x110cm, Inspired by bare arms.  Galleria Bronda, Helsinki>>
Pilven reunoja, 40x140cm,  Inspired by Hailuoto sands.  Galleria Bronda, Helsinki>>
Musta nuppu/Black bud, 95x70cm, @ateljee, 2300€
Lumpeita/Lilies, 60x60cm, private collection
Lotus island, 60x60cm, private collection (Hong Kong)
Lumikukkia/Snowblossoms, 30x45cm, private collection (Sweden)
Paju/Willow, 30x45cm, private collection
Apinanleipäpuu/Monkeytree, 30x45cm, private collection
Kultasade/Goldrain, 50x60cm.  Inspired by runaway boat in Hailuoto.
Kaksi venettä/Two boats,, 50x60cm, private collection
Blue boat, 24x61cm, private collection
Ajatus, 30x40cm Galleria Harmaja, Oulu>>
Punainen Varjo/Red shadow, 30x40cm private collection
First blush, 20x20cm, private collection
Kultapalloja, 20x20xm, private collection
Winterlight, 22x24cm, private collection
Rantabileet/Beach party 95x70cm, private collection
Ranta, 35x55cm. Inspired by the moss-lake in Hailuoto, Galleria Bronda, Helsinki
Kallot/Skulls, 116x116cm, private collection Inspired by medieval beliefs.